Service Your Tires or Get a New Pair at the Service Center at Royal Moore Mazda

Tires are a beneficial yet often overlooked vehicle component. Though they should be inspected often, rotated at intervals, and changed periodically, many car owners do not notice any issue with their tires until it is too late. Do not wait until your tire blows out on a busy highway or your tread is dangerously worn, causing difficulty driving on hazardous roads from Portland to Wilsonville. Your vehicle and the well-being of you and your passengers depend on quality routine tire maintenance.

What Tires Should I Have on My Mazda?

Planning for the type of tires you should use on your Mazda CX-9 has no easy answer. Yet, there are three standard types of all Mazda owners should consider. The best of the best is found in a high-performance tire. An asymmetric tread pattern on this summer tire improves grip while reducing noise. A general radial tire offers the best value in a tire choice for your Mazda CX-5. Combining ride comfort and performance, this tire does well in dry and wet driving conditions in Beaverton. An all-season tire is the most popular option for Mazda models. Better traction and control can be achieved in this type of tire.

How Often Should I Rotate My Tires?

Typically, we recommend referring to your vehicle's Owner's Manual for specific details on how often specific services should be performed. If you do not have access to this resource, it is generally recommended that your Mazda's tires are rotated every six months or every 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. In addition to the timeline for rotation, tires should also be aligned when a new set is put on or when any issues arise. Service specials may be available as standalone promotions or add-ons to other service options.

How Often Should I Get New Tires?

Many factors play into how often the tires on your Mazda CX-3 should be replaced. General road conditions of highways and streets commonly traveled, the type of tire, and travel frequency all play a role in this determination. A typical lifespan for new tires consists of 50,000 to 85,000 miles, spans over a wide time frame.  It is important to remember this is just a generic timeline. Still, each specific type of tire will be accompanied by a set of manufacturer guidelines that should also be considered. Professionals at a Mazda service center can help provide advice about this topic, too.

What Should My Tire Tread Depth Be?

Your tired tread depth plays a big role in your tires' anticipated reliability and can be a good sign of when your Mazda tires need to be replaced. A good tire tread depth is 6/32 or higher. Once your tires reach a depth of 4/32, you should start shopping around for a new set of tires and considering your options. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine your tires' tread depth if you are not familiar with the process. If you have any question about the acceptability of your tire tread depth on your Mazda CX-30, a tire shop near me can help evaluate your tires' condition.

Visit the Tire Service Center at Royal Moore Mazda

Tire maintenance is key to keeping your Mazda3 in optimal operating conditions. Yet, one of the reasons Mazda6 owners avoid maintenance is because of the time and cost. We offer service specials and tire coupons to make the financial burden or tire servicing or replacement less impactful on your pocketbook. If scheduling service appointments is an issue, our front office staff can set regular appointments and send reminders as a helpful service. If you're in Tigard or Aloha, OR, come in to Royal Moore Mazda in Hillsboro, OR today and let our professionals look.


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