Battery Service in Hillsboro, OR

What battery should I have on my Mazda?

Generally speaking, choosing a new battery in Hillsboro, OR for any Mazda model is a wise decision because it will result in more efficiency and longevity overall without worrying about it dying per-maturely. That being said, certain brands on the market will serve you better than others to consider for your Mazda that will be reliable for the long term. The first to consider is the Optima brand which is versatile and practical for your vehicle. The Delphi BU9035 is also an excellent professionally crafted battery to consider, considered a premium selection that will keep your car running for more extended periods around Wilsonville. Of course, if you want things to run smoother, then you have to pay more for a high-quality battery, but it's worth it. Other options to consider for a Mazda include the Odyssey 35-PC1400T or perhaps the Northstar Pure Lead 35 Battery NSB-AGM35. All of these will work wonders and are a wise investment! Royal Moore Mazda is here for our Beaverton and Portland customers. Continue reading to learn more.

How often should I get a new battery?

Once your battery has reached around three years, it's essential to get it tested annually. However, some people choose to replace it at this point to save the trouble overall. Higher quality batteries will last for a long time and having them tested after this point will ensure that you keep any option up and running. Choosing to simply replace it will mean that you won't need to get it tested for another solid three years, so if you have the money, this is a viable option. Certain warning signs your car may exhibit may indicate it's time for a battery change. In most cases, the battery can be jumped if it happens to die on the road. From there, you should get it in immediately to diagnose the problem and get it replaced.

How do I keep my battery from losing charge?

When a car is idle, it will naturally start to lose its charge, varying in time from two weeks to around a month. This is because electricity from the battery is being used to maintain the dormant functions of your Mazda. One strategy to circumvent this factor and keep your battery from losing its charge is to unplug the negative battery cable from the terminal. This is only necessary if you know you won't be driving for long periods. This ensures that you won't have to jump the battery after a couple of months have passed. Even if you need to, it won't be a problem if you have a portable jump, a highly versatile tool that many people have.

What happens if my battery is dead?

If your battery is entirely dead, then it can't be charged fully, and it's time to get it replaced. All good batteries come to an end eventually, and there's no need to have a funeral for it. It's just the reality of life that parts break down, and from there, you must weigh and consider your battery options carefully. When you choose a higher quality battery, you won't have to worry about it dying as quickly as a standard one, so consider investing in something better.

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