Tips to Get the Best Gas Mileage

November 27,2021

While you cannot do much about the price you pay at the gas station, you can take some steps to improve your gas mileage. It is essential to know that the way you drive has a direct impact on the way your vehicle uses fuel. Continue reading for some tips on how you can get better gas mileage from your car. 

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What to Keep In Your Car for Road Trips

November 27,2021

At Royal Moore Mazda, we know how much our valued customers love to get out on the open road. If you have a road trip planned soon, you'll want to know what to bring with you besides your luggage. Here's a quick list of items you should always keep in your vehicle regardless of where you're headed.

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Your Brakes and Why Preventative Maintenance Helps

October 25,2021

Whether you're coming to a gentle stop at a red light or scrubbing off speed just before the next track corner, it's up to your Mazda's brakes to get the job done. Not only are they tasked with bringing your vehicle to a quick and safe stop at any given moment, but they're also one of the precious few connections your vehicle has to the road below.

Time and usage will inevitably take their toll on your brakes, but a little preventive maintenance goes a long way towards avoiding any unwelcome surprises. Read on and learn how a proactive approach towards brake system maintenance keeps your vehicle safe and in top shape.

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Why Buy Used?

September 20,2021

Just as there are plenty of great reasons to buy a new car, the same goes for buying used. In fact, a used vehicle may end up being a better fit for your lifestyle and budget, depending on what you want most out of your next purchase. To make your car-buying decisions a bit easier, here are a few reasons for buying a used vehicle.

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