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There are multiple factors to consider when purchasing a new or used car. These factors include figuring out which monthly financing option works best for you, how much insurance will cost, what maintenance will look like for the new vehicle, and multiple other queries.
Through all of this, the details of powertrain warranty and what it covers can be overlooked.

The powertrain refers to the parts of the car that provide power and make it move. The powertrain warranty covers these parts and repairs, which can quickly get expensive if you’re responsible for these services. That’s why having excellent warranty coverage should be an important aspect that does not go overlooked during the purchasing process.

Among the vast number of Hillsboro car dealerships, Royal Moore Mazda is the home of the lifetime powertrain warranty. This lifetime limited non-factory warranty duplicates the manufacturer factory powertrain warranty for as long as you own your car. 

While providing this lifetime limited warranty free of charge, Royal Moore Mazda also brings you an excellent factory-trained service team to ensure your vehicle works its best. 

This is the only dealer out of the Hillsboro car dealerships that offer this lifetime limited warranty on all new Mazda purchases and is one of the many ways Royal Moore Mazda provides excellent service for its customers.


The powertrain consists of the main components that propel and power a vehicle. It’s what generates power and delivers the vehicle to the road it drives on. This includes the engine, transmission, axles, differentials, drive shafts, and the final drive.

The engine is what converts power into motion. It converts energy into mechanical energy and is essentially the heart of the vehicle. The engine burns fuel to create heat, which then creates the force that powers the vehicle into motion.

A transmission is what transmits the power from the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. It gets information from your engine and shifts gears and directions.

An axle is the shaft for a rotating wheel, passing through the center of the front wheels and the back wheels.

A differential is what allows a pair of wheels to rotate at different speeds, especially when turning. 

The drive shaft transmits the torque into the engine. The drive shafts transfer transmission power to the axles.

The final component is the final drive, which delivers torque to the wheels. 

All of these components work together to make your vehicle move. And it can get pricey when not covered under warranty.

Powertrain Warranty

Each powertrain component can’t function without the other, which makes the repair and maintenance of each of these parts quite expensive.  

The powertrain warranty covers the cost to maintain, repair, and replace these parts. This will avoid paying out of pocket for any defects as this warranty will put this financial responsibility in the hands of the manufacturer. 

The engine needs to be properly maintained with regular oil changes if you want the powertrain warranty to be valid. Any neglect or misuse of the engine can void your powertrain warranty.The engine itself is covered by the powertrain warranty. It includes the cylinder block and it’s internal components, oil pan, oil pump, and many other parts that work together to burn the fuel and air to generate power.

A transmission is similar to the engine in that it’s case and internal parts are covered by the powertrain warranty. While transmission maintenance is quite infrequent, it should still be done to be in good standing with the powertrain warranty.

Typically, worn out bearings are the worst it gets with axle maintenance. However, if an axle snaps, then your powertrain warranty can void as you’d be under scrutiny for abuse.

Sometimes a differential will be included as an internal part of the transmission depending on if it’s a front wheel/all wheel drive or a rear wheel/four wheel drive. If it’s part of the internal transmission, you can get this checked when you get your transmission checked. Otherwise, the fluid needs to be regularly changed and should be done to make sure your powertrain warranty is valid.

When you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, powertrain warranty will be valid and covered by any ASE-licensed mechanic in the U.S. or Canada.

Why Powertrain Warranty Matters 

Not one of the powertrain components would be considered inexpensive even on its own. Each part can affect the performance of the other and costs can add up quickly. Something as simple as a bearing noise in the differential or an oil leak from the transmission can be quite daunting. The powertrain warranty will give you that peace of mind in covering some of the vehicle’s most important parts.

The Royal Moore Mazda lifetime limited warranty shows care for their customers and the high quality products that Mazda offers. When a manufacturer has a solid warranty, it says something about the trust in their product. Also, if a manufacturer or dealer is willing to help you through the car’s lifetime, it is definitely a business worth putting trust into.

Royal Moore Mazda lifetime limited warranty is exactly like the manufacturer’s warranty, which covers 60,000 miles for five years. However, if you purchase your new vehicle at Royal Moore Mazda, the lifetime limited powertrain warranty is valid for as long as you own the vehicle. If you own the vehicle for 25 years, then it is a 25 year warranty.

The high repair costs add up, so place your trust in a great manufacturer and dealer service center to help. If you are shopping around for your next vehicle among the Hillsboro car dealerships, be sure to contact Royal Moore Mazda for a test drive! 

Consider always including the powertrain warranty when purchasing a new vehicle. Fortunately, Royal Moore Mazda is home to the powertrain warranty and has a great customer service center to come with it.

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